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Tips on Organizing Your Travel Photos

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Tips on Organizing Your Travel Photos

To help you out, we’ve got some quick and easy tips for organizing your travel photos:

Export and import

First thing’s first and you should begin by exporting your photos from your camera and importing them onto your computer. This prevents accidental loss or deletion of photos on your camera. As an added safety net, import the photos onto an external hard drive as well.

Delete and be neat!

For the average travelogue of photos, sometimes there can be hundreds taken. Go through your photos and delete any that you know are test shots, accidental photos, or ones you know you will never use.

Transcribing your notes.

While on vacation, you’ve probably kept a journal or notebook handy to write down your special memories. In most cases, the notes are chronological so you can transcribe your notes and this will help to sort through your photos in sequential order.

Batch and naming

Create folders and give them a name. The names should be specific such as the date and location: i.e. “08-11-12 Rome_Italy”. Once you have your file folders named, batch and move the photos into their specific folders.

Adding captions

Now that your photos are sorted into their folders, you can further distinguish them by giving them captions or image tagging.

So there you have it! Now with all your photos organized, you are ready to get started on your travel Photobook. Head over to our book collection and start working.

Happy bookmaking!

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